Peaceful, Powerful You! – About

Like so many, I avoided conflict for most of my life, pretending that whatever was being said and done was okay with me. In the mid 1990s, several areas of my life were filled with intense conflict and that was the point that I decided to seek training in mediation (1999). Learning how to help others cope and reconcile their disputes was both fascinating and therapeutic, and that satisfaction led to additional certification in Family Mediation (2000) and Victim-Offender Mediation (2001).

Interest in helping others find their paths through life’s challenging episodes led me to pursue certification as a Life Coach. Personally trained by Dr. Martha Beck, America’s best known life coach, I received certification in 2006. Working with a life coach is like having your own personal trainer . . . to clarify your life choices, to develop your strength, and to build your personal resilience.

Peaceful, Powerful You! combines my expertise in education, mediation, and coaching to help you take action for reframing and restructuring your interactions with others . . . so that you can lead the peaceful, powerful life you want . . . every day and every minute.

Presentation Titles:

Ouch!: Hurting in Professional Settings
• Learn how to avoid hurting and being hurt by co-workers
• Assess the values of creating peaceful work relationships

Speak for Your Self!: Being Your Best in Difficult Situations
• Learn what thoughts prevent us from being our best during conflicts
• Apply strategies of strength without demeaning others

My Word!: Peaceful and Powerful Responsiveness
• Learn five levels of assertiveness for communication
• Focus on the affects that our words have on others

Getting Along: Reframing Difficult Moments with Others


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